After the discovery of antibiotics in the early 20th century, the potential of bacteriophages was largely ignored. Advances in modern medicine, coupled with the development of widespread antibiotic resistance, have led to renewed interest in alternative solutions to resolving bacterial infections. Much attention is being paid to the microbiome, the microscopic organisms specific to environments ranging from the human skin, to plant soil and animal intestines. The medical benefits of bacteriophages have been rediscovered, not only because of their powerful antibacterial action, but also because of their ability to reduce bacteria without imparting or creating antibacterial resistance.

Although bacteriophages exist all around us, the techniques necessary to develop and adapt them to industrial use have required years of scientific research and development. Proteon Pharmaceuticals has developed a platform to precisely discover, identify, produce and apply bacteriophages as solutions to bacterial infections in several food animal environments.

Our experienced science team continue to grow the company’s bacteriophage technology and has a comprehensive research pipeline identifying solutions to a number of pathogenic bacteria impacting food animal production and animal health. For food producers, the economic and reputation benefits of eliminating these diseases are phenomenal while the social and environmental benefits are potentially transformative for the agriculture industry.