Vetphage Pharmaceuticals conducted a Technical seminar in Hotel Avasa on 19th June 2019. The topic of the seminar was “Bacteriophages and their Application in Poultry Application.” Around 40 poultry delegates, including veterinarians and poultry farmers were present during the seminar. Mr. C. Suresh Rayudu, Vice Chairman & Managing Director of Srinivasa farms, Mr. D. Varun Reddy, Director, Business Development of Sneha Farms, Mr. Krishna Garimella of Diamond hatcheries were some of the prominent figures present in the seminar.

The guest speaker for the seminar were Dr. Marek Rymanowski, (DVM), Head of Veterinary Services, Proteon Pharmaceuticals, Poland.
Dr. Marek explained how misuse of anti-biotics have increased problem of antibiotic resistance in the animal production. He also explained its consequences in humans. He then introduced bacteriophages as one of the important natural solution for such of the problems and explained how specific and selected bacteriophages can help us win war against superbugs. He also explained how bacteriophages can help in increasing profits in poultry. This was followed by product presentation by Dr. Nilesh Sonawane who explained about the product BAFASAL® & BAFASAL + G® and its application in breeders, broilers and layers.