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Benefits of BAFASAL®

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  • Helps to prevent Salmonella without side effects in poultry and does not leave residues requiring no period of product ‘withdrawal’.
  • Is non-toxic without any risk of side effects for poultry or consumer.
  • Is effective at preventing 99% of test-positive infections in poultry.
  • BAFASAL® does not create antibacterial resistance and works against antibiotic resistant strains of Salmonella.
  • BAFASAL® begins working immediately not requiring a time to build ‘resistance’ (unlike vaccines).
  • BAFASAL® is easy to use. It is mixed with drinking water.
  • BAFASAL® is natural and biodegradable.
  • BAFASAL® is economically efficient to apply.


  • Use 1 litre Bafasal for 75,000 broilers.
  • Apply every other day for 3 weeks followed by a 3 week break. Repeat the schedule throughout the bird life cycle.

Storage Condition

Maintain temperature range in between 2 to 10 degree celsius.