Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A.

Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A. Founded in 2005, a Poland based biotechnological company, is a global leader in the use of bacteriophages on an industrial scale in livestock farming. The company has developed natural antibacterial products protecting the health of animals in livestock farming and protecting the human food chain in the production of meat, eggs and dairy.

Proteon has developed patented Phage technology and serves veterinarians, integrators, farmers and people who promoted and care for farm.

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Proven Phage Technology for Healthier, Sustainable Food Animal Production

Food animal production has always faced challenges with respect to combating diseases and to be profitable at the same time. During the course of development of innovative ways to tackle these challenges, many antibiotics were implemented as first line of defense. The use of such antibiotics is still prevalent in order to cure diseases infecting food animals. But, due to indiscriminate use of such antibiotics, the problem of antibiotic resistance has increased and possess a threat to humans as well. Moreover, with a smaller number of antibiotics being discovered, we have less number of antibiotics to tackle with the antibiotic resistant bacteria.

In these kinds of scenarios, bacteriophages (or simply phages) comes as a savior. Phages are most abundant available organism on the planet. They are specific in nature and act against only those bacteria whom they identify.

Proteon have worked extensively on phages and developed a phage platform technology which is specific, result oriented to combat stubborn antibiotic resistant bacteria’s. Our Phage Platform Technology help us to identify phages those who are lytic in nature and help in combatting infection. This helps us to get rid of infectious bacteria without any side effects on animal and human health. The products created by this technology are sustainable in nature and does not causes development of any resistance among bacteria.

Awards & Recognition’s

The Best Innovation in Aquaculture

Awarded by the Global Innovation Forum in Aquaculture.

Silver Medal at the Paris Innovation Fair

Awarded at the 115th International Exhibition “Concours Lépine”under the auspices of the
President of France and the Prefect of Police, dedicated to the transfer of technology and the implementation of technical progress

Gold medal at the Brussels Innova Exhibition of Innovation

Polish Innovation Award granted by the Polish Agency of Enterprises in the category of innovative companies