Addressing the Superbug Concern: Phage Therapy Could Beat Drug Resistant Illnesses

By |24 April 2020|

In 2008, a superbug caught from a New Delhi hospital claimed the life of a Swedish patient. British scientists who found this "superbug" in New Delhi's public water supply, named [...]

With Coronavirus rumors negatively impacting poultry market, industry needs to rise to the occasion

By |17 April 2020|

The coronavirus outbreak has brought a large part of the world to a virtual standstill with multiple lockdowns having a cascading effect on a series of industries. One such industry [...]

Safe anti bacterial solutions for poultry can radically reduce need of antibiotics

By |10 April 2020|

The poultry sector in India was valued at an estimated Rs. 80,000 crores in 2015-16. Thanks to increasing income and changing food habits, the demand for poultry meat as well [...]