Previously known as Vetphage Pharmaceuticals Pvt Ltd in India

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Microbiome Protection

Precision biology for microbiome protection to improve animal health, increasing environmental sustainability and eliminating the unnecessary use of antibiotics. Read More
Proven Phage Technology
One of the pioneering organizations working to introduce phage therapy in
animal husbandry and most advanced Artificial Intelligence supported
technology for phage selection.
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Substainable Solution
for Poultry Farming

We are focusing on solutions that improve the economic efficiency of poultry farms, while promoting environmentally sound and natural solutions. Read More

Proteon Pharma journey in India

Proteon Pharmaceuticals India Private limited, previously known as Vetphage Pharmaceuticals Private Limited was established in 2017 in Mumbai as a subsidiary company of the Proteon Pharmaceuticals S.A based in Warsaw, Poland. Pre-dominantly focused…


Bacteriophages are the oldest and most abundant organisms on the earth. Although the health benefits of bacteriophages were known as early as the beginning of the 20th century clear understanding of their precise function has been limited until more recently…

Product Process

Antimicrobial resistance and food chain safety have widespread economic and social impacts worldwide. Our technology and bacteriophage based solutions reduce the economic losses due to mortality and disease, while also reducing risk associated with food …


Take a good care of your flocks and experience the increase of efficacy and reduce
of mortality. Our products help to prevent pathogenic bacteria in your flocks.

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Prevent and eliminate Pseudomonas and Aeromonas infections in commercial aquaculture. Our product stimulates the immune system of your fish.

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